by Jarred Sumner

TLDR: Oven, the company behind Bun, has raised $7m in funding led by Kleiner Perkins. We’re hiring.

It’s been a wild couple of months for me. I spent more than a year building Bun solo in private beta. Two months after launch, Bun has over 32,000 stars on GitHub and 14,000 members on Bun’s discord server.

I read stories like this practically every day:


A big thank you to the over 100 people who have contributed something to Bun so far.

Bun is a very large & ambitious project. It needs more than just one person working on it full-time. Bun’s goals are bigger than a JavaScript runtime.

Introducing Oven
Oven is hiring engineers

Today, I’d like to make three announcements:

To say more about the company:

Oven will provide incredibly fast serverless hosting & continuous integration for backend & frontend JavaScript apps — and it will be powered by Bun.

It will support popular frontend frameworks like Next.js, Vite, SvelteKit, SolidStart and many more — along with backend frameworks like Express, Fastify, NestJS and more.

The plan is to run our own servers on the edge in datacenters around the world. Oven will leverage end-to-end integration of the entire JavaScript stack (down to the hardware) to make new things possible.

Before Oven can offer hosting, Bun needs a stable release. The goal: a stable release of Bun in under six months from today (August 23rd). This is an impossible amount of work for just one full-time person. Oven needs a team.

Oven is hiring systems engineers to help design & build the next generation of internet infrastructure. It will be a lot of low level systems programming using Zig and C++. We’re currently looking for senior level engineers to work remotely or in the Bay Area.

If you’re interested, please email jobs@oven.sh with your resume and something you built using Bun.